The Travel Photographer

Saman Weeratunga

I am a Sri Lankan travel and portrait photographer based in Kandy, Sri Lanka. I am passionate about travel and aim to visit new places as much as I can. I have been lucky enough to travel and photograph some of the most amazing countries like Switzerland, Austria, France, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Singapore, Malaysia. Even with those, I still have a long list of my dream destinations which I plan on visiting over the coming years. Besides my own travel photography, I conduct specific photo tours in Sri Lanka using my experience in photography and my years of knowledge on local photography destinations. I will guide you to photograph the famous attractions as well as the unique hidden spots in Sri Lanka to capture amazing and once in lifetime moments. Let me be your photography guide in Sri Lanka and together we will capture the serene and beauty of this paradise.

Book Your Holiday Photoshoot In Sri Lanka Today

A great choice for travelers who’d prefer someone else to take the photographs of them and the places they visit. If you don’t wish to carry big, complicated and heavy cameras around everywhere you are traveling to, but still want to have professional quality photographs, then you can contact me for my travel photoshoot service. I will travel with you and take pictures of places you are visiting. Each photograph will surely be worth every shot, as I know how to document these precious moments; the lighting, blocking, and artistic direction are all taken care of. So everyone can see your happiness during these holidays through the lens of these well-managed holiday photoshoots. Let’s make together your travel stories… that will last forever!

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