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Wish to add a unique touch to your home with a rare and mesmerizing Home decor? Want your clients to understand your philosophy in a single glance through your office wall decor? Regular photo prints can look professional, but they are very common, and for this reason, they don’t offer the same wow factor as canvas prints. A canvas can make any image look like an artistic piece of work. The texture of the canvas fabric will give your pictures additional depth and character. I am a Sri Lankan travel photographer and I am proud to offer unique Canvas prints from my shoots which are guaranteed to bring color and meaning to your surroundings. My catalogue of wall prints includes unique photographs of culture, amazing nature and especially the local people and their lifestyle.

Unique photographs

Good opportunity to buy photo prints directly from the photographer who shoots photos with unique angles, special times of the day, interesting cloud formations, bizarre compositions and using the highest quality camera gears and the latest techniques that gets a print of the absolute highest quality and the equipment range from Nikon D810 to Nikon D7500

Canvas prints​

The photos are printed on premium quality, matte polyester fine art fabric canvas with authentic texture while maintaining excellent highlight and shadow details. Using the HP Latex 570 professional printer for printing the canvas which results in a clear, crisp and true representation of the scene on the canvas

Home decor

Ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, kitchens and as gifts. Additionally print sizes vary from one photo to the next and the sizes are shown in the description section of each item. So all photos are printed in extra large size, large size, medium size and tabletop size 

" The island country of Sri Lanka sits in the Indian ocean, just off the southern tip of India "

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